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Why distance come between husband & wife after having child

Why distance come between husband & wife after having child

In today's time, husband wife thinks many times about fulfilling all his needs and entrusting herself with such a huge responsibility before preparing herself for the child in her life. And when they are fully prepared and prepare themselves mentally as well, then only then do they plan for the child. But the question here is, can the husband and wife really be able to fully adopt the planning made by them after the child arrives?

1 - Running Out Of Time

It is a common thing that when a new guest arrives in life, then our time is also divided. Half of the time that husband and wife give to each other, now they will also give to their child, due to which sometimes husband wife remains only as a parent. In such a situation, along with the husband and wife, take some time for yourself as well.

2 - Lack Of Love

Along with trust in the life of husband and wife, it is very important to have love and belonging. After the arrival of the child, women often spend more time with the child and they spend all their love on their child. In such a situation, the husband starts to feel that now there is no love left in his life. And they feel bored with each other. In such a situation, especially women need to give some love to their spouse.

3 - Lack Of Sleep

Often children cry more at night, due to which husband and wife have to break their sleep again and again and silence the child. Due to this, both suffer from lack of sleep or become victims of insomnia. Due to this, symptoms like irritability, headache, tension, anxiety etc. can be seen in their nature. When these symptoms become more dominant, the husband and wife vent their annoyance or anger on each other. In such a situation, husband and wife should face this problem together.

4 - Who will take the responsibility of the child?

After the baby arrives, most of the women take full care of the child. In such a situation, sometimes the thought comes in their mind that only I am taking full responsibility of the child. Due to this also there is a rift between husband and wife.

5 - Lack of romance between husband and wife

After the birth of a child, women often divert their full attention to the upbringing of the child. Playing with them, feeding them, crying with them, laughing with them etc. In the midst of this, she completely rejects the romance in the life of husband and wife. This is the reason why their sex life is also not so interested. For more information consult muslim black magic astrologer.

6 - Do not go alone

When a child comes between a husband and wife, it is often difficult for them to move out together. This is because it is necessary for either of them to be near the child. In such a situation, if the partner goes out for a walk alone, it can hurt either of them and they may also feel that their spouse no longer needs them.

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