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How to Control Your Partner’s Anger by Maulana Ji

How to Control Your Partner’s Anger by Maulana Ji

There comes a time in every relationship, when you get upset with your partner's antics. Because she is going to hurt you. Due to which fights start between the two of you. Sometimes you even ignore these things, but sometimes you break with them. In such a situation, today we will tell you some such tips, after which you will be able to control your partner's anger well.

Forgive Partner

First of all, know what your partner is sad about. What is it that he doesn't like? Once you know the reason for his being sad, then you will be able to calm your partner's angry matter. After which the relationship of both of you will become stronger.

Provide Emotional Support

When your partner is angry with you, whether it is a girl or a boy, but at that time he expects emotional support from you. In such a situation, if you show yourself to be emotionally weak or are not doing what he is expecting from you, then he may lose respect for you. In most of the relationships, breaking up of women from inside and losing their respect for their partner is the biggest reason for break up. So emotional support for each other is also very important by consulting muslim black magic astrologer.

Don't Interrupt Ego

If you always think that, everything is right about you, you are always saying the right thing, then it is not so, maybe your partner's words are right at that time. Because if both stick to the same thing then there will be a lot of problems. The stubbornness of both will never allow the relationship to be perfect. So tell your partner with love what is his fault.

Break The Wall Of Silence

Silence between partners does more harm than fight. This silence acts as an impenetrable ice rock. Which is very difficult to break. In such a situation, acting wisely, bring the elders of the house in the middle. Break the silence, talk to each other. Otherwise, big decisions may have to be taken. So don't be silent under any circumstances.

So think deeply about your relationship. Find out the reason for these small fights. It is true that those who love you also expect something from you. They feel bad about every little thing you are doing in a negative way. So don't let their feelings get hurt.

Take Your Responsibility

If you feel that the fault is yours, then accept it. Believe me, with this behavior of yours, your partner will himself apologize for his mistake. There is nothing wrong with apologizing and saying sorry, especially when it is affecting your relationship. Believe me, your behavior will act as a bridge to save the relationship of both of you. No matter how big the fight may be, taking the initiative can end the fight quickly.

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