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Post Love Marriage Problem Solution Maulana Ji

Post Love Marriage Problem Solution Maulana Ji

In earlier times there were different ways of getting married. Even boys and girls used to get married without seeing each other. Although now the time has changed, be it love marriage or arranged marriage, the decision of marriage is taken only when the boy and the girl together understand each other well. But many people prefer to do love marriage instead of arranged, so they think of spending life with their partner of choice. But during this time there is a love problem while persuading the parents.

Although you can convince the family members in some way, but the problem does not end. There are many such situations where things start getting worse about other caste and religion. Despite being with family, you have to pay attention to certain things.

Adjust A Bit

Marriage not only means living together but also managing things wisely. In such a situation, after marriage, many such situations arise, where you have to adjust a little, so do not ignore it. When there are many problems due to two different customs, many times you fight with your partner instead of compromising. It affects the whole family and your relationship starts getting worse. Partners should keep in mind that it may take time for their parents to accept some things.

Avoid getting stuck between traditions

If you think the road is a whole lot easier once the parents agree, it is not at all. Many times during the marriage, fights start over the traditions of two religions. During that time, both of you will have to keep in mind that there can be no greater tradition than love. At the same time, partners should try to convince their family that they understand each other's customs and also respect them.

Work Calmly Not With Anger

There are many small problems in marriage etc. and even after that. Then when there is a love marriage, many times more problems are seen from the side of the family. In such a situation, both of you need to be patient. You have to keep in mind that if you have to fight then how will you be able to handle the rest.

Ignore the things of the society

There is no doubt in the fact that even today the society is not able to fully accept not only the family but also those who do love marriage. In such a situation, they do not hesitate to taunt in front of your parents, after which the parents also tell you some things. In such a situation, definitely tell your partner about this but do not get angry on him. If you are not getting the solution then consult muslim black magic astrologer.

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